CED Southern California

Sales Training Programs

We offer customized sales and management training programs throughout Southern California that are designed to meet the needs of the trainee and ensure that the training experience is all that it can be. Whether you are mobile and willing to move or you want to stay right where you are, we can accommodate your preference as we have locations everywhere.

Due to the technical nature and vast number of products in our basket, it takes a couple of years to become a competent, key member of one of our profit center teams.

As a CED sales trainee, you will learn the business from the ground up by starting in an entry level position, either working in our warehouse or in our accounting department. Here you learn the basics – order pulling, billing, accounts payable, inventory control, delivery systems, shipping, receiving, and a variety of other functions at the entry level.

After about 3-6 months, we should feel comfortable putting you in front of customers and starting your sales and customer service training. We’ll have you work in our most elementary sales arena – the sales counter – where customers come and pick up what they need for the day out of our local inventory. At this point we both find out whether or not customer service in the construction industry is the right fit for you.

In 12 -24 months you should be able to move into one of our more advanced sales positions, and eventually become the primary sales and customer service representative for a group of accounts. These accounts are typically existing customers, so no cold calling or telemarketing – you will be actively involved in every aspect of their business, and in the best situations our customers view a sales rep as a partner – somebody they can rely on every day.

CED offers full salary and benefits including vacation and profit sharing, right from the start. Our starting annual compensation packages range between $38,000 and $43,000 depending on experience, existing opportunities, and mobility. For more info fill out the form below!